These artisanal pastries tell a story of a heritage, love and dedication.
They represent the pride and quality that defines Taiwan,
and as well as the devotion of the creator, Mr.Kao, to his wife
(and as a son-in-law, which in Chinese we call it “NuXu”.)


Each pineapple cake is made from fresh and local ingredients. A recipe
passed down from a 70 years old baker, and then refined.
Derived from ripe pineapples native to Taiwan, each cake is born from a
process of hand kneading, holding, and careful inspection for perfection. 

The final stamping of “TW” (Taiwan) on each pineapple cake by
Mr.Kao, is a symbol of high quality and its birthplace.  


Founded in South Korea

Entered Global Souvenir Market


Opened first physical store in Taiwan

Entered San Francisco Market


Brand Awareness increased in Global Market and Domestic Market


Expanding US Market | New York


Expanding US Market | Los Angeles
Collaborate with 'Hana Tour' | Biggest Korea Travel Agency


Entered Vancouver Market

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