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Co-branded with Taiwanese legend puppet 'PiLi'|PiLi limited edition movie gift box

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Continue Co-Branded with 'BOBA GUYS'︱ over dozens of boba milk tea stores in USA


Cooperation Brands

2016︱The first pineapple cake brand to cooperate with Korea Airline「T’way」 
    ︱Co-branded with 「Boba Guys」over dozens of boba milk tea stores in USA.

2017︱Collaborate with Korean Company 「Street Churros」to launch New Global Summer pineapple drinks
            ︱Collaborate with Japanese Top building material company「AICA」to have high-quality pineapple cake
            ︱Co-branded Justice League Movie with pineapple cake in Hollywood

2018︱Co-branded with 「Hana Tour」- one of biggest travel agencies in Korea.
2019︱Collaborate with the top 5 Café in USA -「Motto Tea」

            ︱To launch on the Online store 'Chihuo'-which is the largest Asian online grocery store in USA

            ︱Cooperate with「My Taiwan Tour」︱Taiwan Travel Agency.

2020︱Porsche New Series opening event appointed welcome gifts 

2021︱Co-brand with the fashion Taiwan hot pot stores- 6owl door