These artisanal pastries tell a story of a heritage, love and dedication.
They represent the pride and quality that defines Taiwan,
and as well as the devotion of the creator, Mr.Kao, to his wife
(and as a son-in-law, which in Chinese we call it “NuXu”.)


Each pineapple cake is made from fresh and local ingredients. A recipe
passed down from a 70 years old baker, and then refined.
Derived from ripe pineapples native to Taiwan, each cake is born from a
process of hand kneading, holding, and careful inspection for perfection. 

The final stamping of “TW” (Taiwan) on each pineapple cake by
Mr.Kao, is a symbol of high quality and its birthplace.  


Entered Vancouver Market


Expanding US Market | Los Angeles
Collaborate with 'Hana Tour' | Biggest Korea Travel Agency


Expanding US Market | New York

Brand Awareness increased in Global Market and Domestic Market



Opened first physical store in Taiwan

Entered San Francisco Market


Founded in South Korea

Entered Global Souvenir Market

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