Minxiong / Dalin , Chiayi
Tainung No.17 Golden Diamond

Our Founder specially chosen 'Tainung No.17 Golden Diamond' grew in Minxiong and Dalin, Chiayi. The subtropical climate, which is perfect for growing. But most importantly, is the way farmers of the selected fields chose to grow their pineapples. Because the pineapples of these fields are mainly for exporting, specifications on the amount of pesticides and fertilisation used are stricter comparing to those used domestically.

We saw they value not only the quality of the pineapple but also the land that it’s growing on. Their emphasis on environmental protection is in line with the philosophy behind

‘Value the Health of Consumers and Environment’

Pineapple Tracking

To keep our customers assured, all pineapple used has Unique Tracking Number, which you will be able to trace down the origin.