【Kaonuxu|Popcorn】Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea
  • Just like what【Kaonuxu】always insist we want people to eat safety and health.  We choose brown sugar from Japan and the representative Taiwanese drinks ”bubble tea” with Popcorns, they are just perfect mixing with each other and bring more sweet and crispy taste.


    Introduce New Product|

    ✔️ Choose air frying with less oil and less fat

    ✔️ Non-GMO, Gluten Free

    ✔️ No added preservatives

    ✔️ Produce from cleanroom and using separated aluminum zipper bags to avoid direct sunshine.  

    ✔️ lacto-vegetarian

    ✔️ Net Weight: 60g



    【Kaonuxu|Popcorn】Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea